7-year-old Robbie Firmin 'owned the stage' - Dean 'Midas' Maynard on penultimate BGT auditions


Week 6 of Britain's Got Talent 2011 brought us some fantastic kid and teenage talent and made me proud to be British. As we know Simon Cowell is not a fan of all things magic, so the opening segment highlighted why this category doesn't do well with some very bad acts...

After quite a few no's, we met David & Karen. David started by going in to a raised small box, with Karen then covering him. With Karen wavering the 'magic' blanket around and quicker than you could say 'izzy,wizzy,let's get busy' the two swapped places and Karen was now in the box. Brilliant!


Melanie and her 2 dogs with an act called Mexican Mayhem were up next. This was hilarious with one dog doing all the tricks and one not wanting too. They got through but let's hope Melanie isn't to ruff (sorry) on the bad dog.

After a brief dog montage which ended with singers Jon and Jenny being interrupted by a dog wandering on from the side we met the fantastic piano playing Paul Gbegbaje.

Paul was a pleasure to watch and his passion shone through. If he doesn't make the final, there is no justice.

Robbie Firman

Next up was the good and bad of the dance troupes and I have to agree with Amanda and say act 'Abyss' did nothing for me. We need something different.

The adorable and likeable 7 year old Robbie Firmin was up next. What a star in the making this kid is. With all the composure of a seasoned pro, he owned the stage and had the audience eating out of his hand. He did 'My Way' his way and sailed through. Cert top 10

Last up was my act of the night, teenagers George and Jordan with their rap act Follow the right path.

With a tribute to their grandads they performed brilliantly and if their song was produced and released I am sure it would make the charts. They are great role models for kids everywhere.

So with one more audition show left, time is running out for me to name my 2011 BGT Midas act.

Before the judges announce the semi finalists on Sunday I will email my chosen act to the TellyMix editors and announce it exclusively this time next week.

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