Jedward to get their very own show "with celebrities and funny sketches and stuff"

Under Pressure: John and Edward

X Factor 2009 duo Jedward are set to land their own show, according to the duo. John told the Daily Star that the pair are currently in the early stages of putting the programme together, which has yet to be confirmed.

"We can't say too much now, but it will include chat with celebrities and funny sketches and stuff," John said.

The 19-year-olds are currently enjoyed success in Europe after finishing in eighth place - above the UK - in last weekend's Eurovision song contest.

"People were coming up to our fans from the UK offering them so much money for these Jed heads which you can only really get in the UK," Edward explained.

"Over there everyone's asking how we do our hair, they don't call it spiky they say it's very stiff."

Edward added: "If our plans work, we're going to take over Europe, we're going to go to Oz.

"We're going on a big massive European tour. We're doing so well with the song, Lipstick."

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