Circus of Horrors 'a certain semi-finalist'... Dean 'Midas' Maynard on Britain's Got Talent

John Evans

If you are looking for drumming highwaymen, pop star lookalikes and a load of buckets (I’m talking about an act, Mrs Midas) then don’t go anywhere... it’s my week 5 review of the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. Starting things off this week was 64 year old John Evans, a retired builder...

Eye of the tiger started booming from the speakers just as John came in to view with 24 buckets balancing on his head... no, really. The act finished and as John was put through by 2 votes to 1, and so began a montage of Michael McIntyre and David Hasslehoff disagreeing about which acts really do have a talent.

If this ‘fight’ went to the judges I would have taken Michael on points.

Next up was Lorna Bliss who as soon as she appeared on the screen looked the spitting image of Britney Spears. Lorna started her act and it was no great surprise that she was in fact a Britney tribute act and although I do honestly believe she will do well away from the show, it was not for the judges.

All three judges said no and thankfully there were no Britney TEARS (sorry)

Jai McDowall was next, a fantastic singer who sailed through to the next round and is a certain live semi finalist; I thought he was one of the best singers on the show so far this year. Good luck Jai.

Circus of Horrors

We then went to an ad break and when I walked back in the room with my cup of tea, I thought my wife had turned over to the monster channel.

What we were in fact watching were the circus of horror act.

I found them entertaining and very unique, which is the reason why I think they will do very well on the show. They sailed through and are certain semi finalist. The problem is, are they fit for the queen (putting my best Big Brother voice on)... you decide.

A montage of other ‘unusual’ dance acts were then shown with Wachiraporn Tirpak being the most surreal with her tribute act to UK Eurovision flops Scooch. The Midas jury award her Nil Pwa!

Two and a half men dance trio were next and although they were very good we have seen this all before.

Just wanted to mention the segment regarding hosts Ant & Dec. They were shown helping the various acts through their auditions, whether it be nerves or an injury.


I have been lucky enough to meet the guys when I appeared on the Saturday night takeaway a few years ago and they are top blokes, very down to earth and genuinely caring. (I’ll get the money later lads)

The final act of the night was royal marine drummers, The Highwaymen and yes they were all dressed as Dick Turpin lookalikes. The girls in the audience love them. I thought they were very good, as did the audience and the Hoff BUT Amanda and Michael said no and for a few minutes we thought they were out.

The crown booed the decision and shouted ‘bring them back’. Ant & Dec also stated their case saying that they thought the guys were good. After being called back to the stage the judges led by Amanda bowed down to the crowd and they were put through.

Well done lads.

So that’s it, just one more week of auditions and just one week until the 2011 Midas act is named. Come back next week when the Britain’s got talent 2011 Midas act will be officially named on Telly Mix.

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