Hi Ruth Lorenzo, you are looking very nice on your debut single artwork...

Ruth Lorenzo

Ahhh Ruth Lorenzo... for us, the stand out star on The X Factor back in 2008. Despite being one of the most talented female singers the show has ever seen (in our view, at least), poor Ruth didn't even make it to the final. However, nearly 3 years on, the sexy senorita is back with a new image for her debut single...

Looking mighty fine on the artwork or her debut single 'Burn' - out on the 25th July - Ruth looks like very little like the woman we saw on the show three years ago now.

It's taken Ruth a long time to get to this point, things looked bright after The X Factor after she scored a recording contract with EMI. Unfortunately the pair split before any material was released Ruth has gone on to work on her debut record as an independent artist ever since.

Anyway here's that artwork we were going on about...

Ruth Lorenzo Burn Artwork

Nice, no?

And here is the wonderful Ruth performing her single:

While this performance is 'good and all' we can't help but make a post about Ruth without including this:


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