And you thought you'd heard the last of Gamu Nhengu!


Despite not actually making it to the live shows, it seems as though Gamu Nhengu has had more press than any of last year's finalists (where is John Adeleye now, eh?) - and she's still the papers six months on. According to The Sun today, Gamu has won her latest battle to remain in the UK.

The 19-year-old singer, who controversially wasn't picked by Cheryl Cole as one of last year's final four girls, was being threatened with deportation after her mum allegedly incorrectly claimed tax benefits.

Gamu was said to be unsurprisingly "delighted" with the decision at her appeal hearing yesterday.

Simon Cowell said that Gamu should try out for the show again this year, and after the abuse Cheryl got last autumn for her decision we can't see Gamu not making it to the live shows....

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