BGT Reviewed: 'What Girls Roc lack in spelling ability they also lack in clothes'

Nathan Wyburn Michael

Sexy ladies dancing with fire and marmite art dominated this week’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent 2011 on Saturday night. There were a few great acts, but also some that I think Simon Cowell will be less than happy to see in the semi finals...

Girls Roc

First up this evening were the self proclaimed “hot” women of Girls Roc, and what they lack in spelling ability they also lack in clothes, much to the Hoff’s delight. At times I thought they looked a row of blow-up dolls and although they seemed to be doing a lot (there was a snake, fire and hula hoops) I still can’t really pin point exactly what they did apart from look good without many clothes on. Michael thought that the act was a bit too “naughty” and said no to the girls, but Amanda and (shockingly) the Hoff sent them through.

Angela and Teddy

Best friends Angela and Teddy, were an owner and dog dancing duo. Teddy did manage a few moves and was obviously well trained, but I think that everyone would agree they were perhaps both past their best. Having said that, there was nothing cuter than watching them dance with such love and care and it did have a certain comedic value. Would Simon have let them go through though? I doubt it.

James Hobley

James Hobley

James is Britain’s Got Talent’s very own Billy Elliot, he is a wonderfully talented dancer and like Billy he has also had difficulty in his life as James suffers from autism, which made his performance even more inspiring. He even said things like, “when I dance I feel like I can do anything” and “I feel free when I am dancing.” It would be a cold hearted person, who didn’t want to see James in the semis.

Robert (Bobby) Fulford

There were two incredible things about Bobby, the first is his haircut and the second is his ridiculously high vocal range. This act was essentially a massive bloke with tattoos, putting on a silly, high voice and singing ‘Hey There, Lonely Girl’. I have a strong feeling that when Simon sees him in the next round, he will be horrified.


Nathan Wyburn

Artist Nathan created a portrait of Michael McIntyre using toast painted with marmite. This was an unusual act and there has never been like it on BGT before. However I do have some problems with it. Nathan didn’t actually paint it onstage, so it was sort of like watching someone do their tiling and I know this is controversial, but I didn’t think the portrait looked that much like him. I guess you either love him or hate him as all three judges put him through.

New Bounce

Mini boy-band New Bounce were really very cute, but their singing and dancing act was definitely lacking; mainly because it seemed the boys couldn’t really do either. Only Michael stayed sane and said that he thought David and Amanda were, “filling in blanks and making them better than they were”. These boys need to get a lot better, very quickly if they have any chance of staying in. Simon will roll his eyes at in horror, and question the other judge’s sanity.

Michael Moral

The final act of the evening was body popping, show stopping Frenchman Michael Moral. Definitely up there with the top dancers on the show, his head and body didn’t actually seem to be connected at all as he wiggled all over the stage. Plus it was great that he gave Michael McIntyre a chance to practice his rusty GCSE French.

The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

A violinist with a mesmerising belly button (and the Hoff disturbingly licking his lips), beautiful Valerie who was wearing only diamonds and bending herself around a large globe, Tim Eagle who climbs through coat hangers and a terrifying pig man.

David Hasselhoff

Inside Hoff’s Head

“What are you going to....I mean who cares” Hoff gave up questioning the rather gorgeous Girls Roc about their act.


Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec Joke of the Week

“It’s got a lovely finish” to Rachel about her trumpet which was made out of cereal boxes and loo rolls. Yes really.


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