With all discussion about Cheryl Cole's hair, we almost missed this Katie Wassiel story...

Katie Waissel

As the hoo-hah over the start of The X Factor USA dies down and we wipe away the tears from saying goodbye to Cheryl and Simon, Katie Wassiel has reared her annoying face in the press again this week. The singer, who somehow managed to make it quite far in last year's show, is reportedly dating Katie Price's ex Alex Reid!

We're not too sure where this bizarre pairing has come from, but a sneaky source who claimed to know what was going on blabbed: "Alex is not Katie's normal type - she goes for trendy rockers in skinny jeans."

But don't go thinking Katie is just after an extension to her 15 minutes of fame, the source continued: "She turned him down for weeks but eventually relented because he was so persistent." Not sure that's the best way to choose your boyfriends, Katie.

"Now he won't leave her alone," the source added. Seems we were right.

The insider told News Of The World: "Alex reckons they're going to become a new showbiz glamour couple."

God help us all.

Alex seemed to take a fancying to Katie on last year's show, saying about the blonde wannabe "I like the freaky ones I guess."


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