11-year-old James Hobley was the act of the night! Dean 'Midas' Maynard on the latest BGT!

James HobleyWeek 4 saw the return of Simon Cowell… well just for a few seconds anyway. The show kicked off with a brief video of Simon having a dig at the other judges saying: “Some of the decisions they’ve made are, like, mental. I can’t wait to get back in my seat.” …nor can we Simon.

The auditions started with a montage of pretty girls getting the attention of Judge David Hasslehoff, those included Girls Roc, who did a very ingenious dance routine with the help of snakes, fire and hula hoops (the plastic ones, not the crisps)

They were very good, as was violinist, Alexandra Parke but we never saw enough of her (not like that Mrs Midas) and as one of my previous ‘Midas’ acts were Escala I would like to have seen more of her audition.

Next up was, for me the act of the night 11 year old James Hobley. James told the judges he was home schooled because he has autism. Throughout his audition he came across as a lovely, likable lad. His routine was well choreographed and I think there is a lot more to come from James. See you in the Semi Finals.

Girls Roc

Bobby Fulford gave us the ‘Susan Boyle’ moment of the night. The 42 year old walked on to the stage covered in tattoos and started by telling the judges he was currently unemployed. Their faces gave the look of ‘this is going to be rubbish’. Then Bobby started singing and it was unreal, a high pitched vocal accompanied a very good voice and he sailed through.


Art student Nathan Wyburn was also very good, giving us a portrait of Michael McIntyre made from toast and marmite.

The finished article was brilliant and after putting Nathan through Michael went on to the stage for a slice of the action (sorry)

The auditions finished with French dancer Michael Moral who performed a fantastic mime/dance routine. Some of the moves he did looked impossible, but he pulled them off and he walked through to the next round in great style.

We now have just 2 more audition shows remaining so the pressure is really growing for me to name my official ‘Midas’ act for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Stay tuned to see who I will pick.

You can find out more about Dean and his predictions on his official website at www.deanmidasmaynard.com

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