Jedward reckon their hair styles alone will be enough to win Eurovision!

John and Edward

Jedward have arguably become the biggest stars from The X Factor 2009, with top 10 singles, sell out tours, huge TV deals and now they're taking on Eurovision. Speaking to The Sun's Buzz magazine today, the pair seem to think their hairstyles alone could win Eurovision - and don’t even see Blue as a threat!


The Eurovision song contest is famous for its cheesy and tuneless, yet weirdly watchable, eccentric performances. So hyperactive pop stars Jedward should feel right at home, and they’re über-confident of their chances of winning. “If John and I simply stood on stage with our hairstyles, we’d win Eurovision,” Edward tells the magazine.

“We’re so ‘out there’ and have so much energy, plus we’ve got a really, really great song with Lipstick. That’s what people want. They want to watch someone they’ll remember.”

Whilst the UK will be rooting for man band Blue, Jedward, who are representing Ireland, don’t see Blue as a threat. “We think Blue are totally cool,” says John. “They’re not really our competition, though. We are totally different acts.”

The twins think they’ve got it in the bag and once they’ve conquered Europe, they’ll be focusing on world domination next. “We’ll know we’ve made it when we go to the Arctic and an Eskimo runs out to take our picture, screaming: ‘It’s Jedward!’” says John.


The lads are also plotting a biopic of their colourful lives, but will need the luck of the Irish if they want to get their choices for parts in the movie. “I want Justin Bieber to play us as we are now,” says Edward. “Britney Spears’ two kids could play us as children and Justin Timberlake could be the older Jedward.”

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