BGT reviewed: Big voiced 12-year-old Ronan Parke 'ticks all the boxes'

Darth Dongle

From little girls with snakes around their necks to 12-year-olds with the voices on a par with Michael Buble, this week was a great show full of unique acts and high praise from the judges. The Hoff was back in the US this week so Louis Walsh’s Irish charm took his place...

Olivia and Lucy

Up first this week was seven year old future zoologist Olivia. Olivia had the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen and her passionate poem about saving endangered animals was the most adorable act of the series. However what really set this audition apart was the huge python (Lucy) that had wrapped itself around Olivia’s tiny neck. Very surreal and quite shocking, the image of little Olivia and her slithery pet really hammered the message home. Even though she is incredibly unlikely to win, well done to Olivia for giving the BGT audience something to think about.

TKD Remix

TKD Remix performed an “extreme Tae Kwon Do demonstration with contrast”. The contrast turned out to be a dodgy bit of Bhangra dancing, which I thought needed more work and better choreography, as did the Tae Kwon Do element, which was really just one man breaking a lot of wood. It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t find it particularly entertaining either. Amanda and Louis sent them through to the next round though with only Michael agreeing with me, describing the act as, “sort of all over the place” and saying ‘no’.

Anthony Wait

Anthony Wait

Art teacher Anthony discovered his love of art when he was young by making sculptures out of damp toilet paper. Sadly his act hasn’t moved on much as his act involved him peeling off several pairs of pants and using them to “paint” on the floor. The judges were very damning of the act but none of them actually mentioned his creation on the floor, which was a series of large squiggles in primary colours. I’m not sure who he teaches, but whoever you are I would demand your money back.

Herbie Armstrong

I wasn’t sure anyone was going to beat Razy from last week’s show in the name stakes, but singer/songwriter Herbie has just inched ahead with a name that demands to be up in lights. After many years as a session guitarist, this was Herbie’s last chance to become a front man, and after a few seconds of singing and strumming along to his own song, it failed to hit the right notes with the judges, so Amanda asked for something she might recognise. Debonair Herbie went for Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart, and his lovely version sent him through to the next round.

Tracey Moran

Aircraft cleaner Tracey has a cat. I’m not sure why this was important, but somehow it seems to say a lot about her character. Tracey performed an interesting dance to Grease is the Word, undeniably terrible, but still incredibly charming. It involved a little bit of awkward gymnastics and a lot of hoisting up of leggings. Somehow Tracey managed to get through to next round, but it seems unlikely that she will get to perform in front of the queen.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Surely taking inspiration from Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers this group of Oxford Uni boys blew the judges away with their inspired and hilarious take on Lady Gaga’s Pokerface and Justin Timberlake’s, Sexy Back. I can’t wait to see what remixes they come up with in the future, and I hope they never get rid of the jacket and ties.

Ronan Park

Possibly the prettiest 12 year old boy, with almost certainly the biggest voice, little Ronan had all the judges on their feet with his mighty performance of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. Already a favourite to win, Ronan is an act that ticks all the boxes and I can clearly picture Simon Cowell getting on a plane and popping over the Atlantic to witness this new talent.

The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

A dancing duo with costumes that can only be described as Star Wars meets disco, Tim Carr the finger clicking machine - his snapping was impressive, but sadly not good enough to get through, The Underground Dance company, who all came dressed as Edward Scissorhands and did an dance so frenetic it gave me a migraine.

David Hasselhoff

Inside Hoff’s Head

Sadly away from the judging panel this week, so we just have to imagine (probably dreaming about sexy, Cardiff ladies).


Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec joke of the week

“You tell that Louis Walsh with his snakeskin handbags.” Ant offers his support to seven year old Olivia.


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