Three weeks in and I've seen no potential winners! Dean 'Midas' Maynard on BGT

Olivia snakeI can’t believe I am already reviewing week 3 of Britain’s Got Talent and that we are already half way through the auditions. X-Factor judge Louis Walsh replaced judge David Hasslehoff, who we were told had a prior engagement. First act of the night was 7 year old Olivia Binfield with her ‘pet’ Lucy...

Now Olivia’s pet may not have been to everyone’s taste watching as it was a huge boa constrictor. I could at this point make jokes about Lucy being a ‘slippery’ customer and say what do you get if you cross a snake and a Lego set? A boa constructor !...but that would be childish so I won’t.

This for me was the most heart warming start to any Britain’s got talent episode as the youngster recited a poem about some of our most endangered animals being at threat. I must admit to having a tear in my eye as I listened to this young girl as her genuine passion for these animals shone through.


Olivia got the thumbs up from the judges (and me) and a standing ovation from the crowd. See you in the Semi Final Olivia with your pet tarantula Brian...

Next up were Taekwondo trio TKD Remix who mixed their martial art with a bollywood twist. I have to admit I agreed with Judge Michael McIntyre when he said that he “didn’t get it”. They got through but they are not this year’s Winners.

Then we had the usual montage of ‘pants’ acts.

Anthony Wait danced around and painted in his underpants: NO.

Tim Carr finger snapped to music: NO

The Underground Dance Company did a routine all dressed as Edward Sissorhands: NO

Right back to the talent


Herbie Armstrong

Next up was session musician, 66 year old Herbie Armstong, a likeable guy who has supported many top acts but he has never made it himself. He started with one of his own songs but was stopped by Amanda who asked him to sing something that we might all know. His version of Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? Was much better and he is through to the next round and in my opinion the live shows.

Then we met PLANE cleaner Tracy Morgan who gave us a dance routine to the theme music from Grease. Some of her routine was a bit ‘bumpy’ and ‘up in the air’ but overall she was ‘First Class’ and she is through to the next round.

Out of the Blue were next, a band made up of students from Oxford & Oxford Brookes universities. They did a fantastic medley of Lady Gaga & Justin Timberlake tracks and sailed through to the next stage. For me they are a certain Semi Finalist.

Last act of the night was 12 year old Ronan Parke. Ronan has a fantastic voice and does a brilliant job of the song Feeling Good. All the judges and the audience give him a standing ovation, cue mass hysteria in the press and at the bookmakers (he is now the 5/2 hot favourite). Ronan is a cert Finalist.

So 3 weeks in and have we seen the Winner yet? I don’t think so.

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