BGT reviewed: Edward Reid 'brought something completely new to the table'

Edward Reid

From one fingered press ups to singing dogs, last week's Britain's Got Talent seemed to have it. The second week of auditions was mostly positive, with a lot of acts getting through, and those who didn’t managed to leave with some dignity (although not all, I’m looking at you Elaine).

Mickey Gooch

First up, on a “seek and destroy mission” was martial artist Mickey Gooch. Mickey was so dedicated to his act that he practiced everywhere even (worryingly) disabled toilets. But what was it about Mickey’s act that needed so much practice? Well it was the one finger press-up of course. Impressive? Yes. Entertaining? Definitely not. So it was farewell to Mickey, who at least had the comforting thought that all that practice hadn’t been a waste of time...

Grace & Ted

Next up, was the adorable singing granddaughter and grandfather duo Grace (21) and Ted (91). Back in the day, Ted was an entertainer and he still has some of the old sparkle, although bless him; he needs to learn how to hold a microphone. Their singing was OK, but it was undoubtedly their charm and family values that got them through to the next round.

Les Gibson

Impressionist, Les Gibson was our next act to score success with the judges. Now, I am going to be controversial here and say that I am not quite sure what all the fuss was about. I thought his impressions were good, but not great and it took me a little while to realise who he was supposed to be. It will be interesting to see if in the next round he can deliver and how that act will progress.

Elaine Williams

The biggest flop of the night was soup and sauce maker Elaine, who performed a erm, comedy act. I am fairly sure her jokes were missing punch lines and her terrible attitude, which included verbally swearing at the audience and then stomping off the stage with her middle finger up, was the nail in her Britain’s Got Talent coffin.

Pippa and Buddy

Pippa & Buddy

Wahey! Next we had the first act ever on BGT to be plucked from Youtube. Yes, this year Simon Cowell (miss you Simon) has opened up the competition to entrants on Youtube and the stunning Pippa and gorgeous Buddy were the first to have come along from the online world. Theirs was a singing act, and while Pippa sung Pie Jesu little Buddy “sang” along with her. It was certainly very cute, but it is a testament to how much this country loves dogs, as they gave howling Buddy a standing ovation.

Razy Gogonea

This is definitely my favourite act in the competition so far. Romanian Razy moved to Manchester to be with his partner and with him he brought his incredible dance skills. Inspired by the movie The Matrix, Razy dressed as Neo, somehow managed to perform all the incredible moves from the film. These included appearing to go backwards in time, running on his knees and making his whole body jump whilst lying on the floor.


The spectacular performance had some great comments, which caused lovely Razy to shed a few tears. I can’t wait to see what he does with a better set and better costume.

Edward Reid

The final act of the night was perhaps the most random act to have ever appeared on BGT. Edward Reid sang a mash-up of nursery rhymes to the tune of Snow Patrols Run. Yes, that is right, it is as odd as it sounds, but the even stranger thing is that it actually worked. Edward is a fantastic singer and the sincerity and passion behind the vocals just made it even funnier. Well done Edward, you brought something completely new to the table and it will be great to see what else he has up his sleeve.

The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

We saw a lot less acts in the second show, but there was also a slightly disturbing dog dancing act in which we saw the ownerdoing some sexy dancing and the dog looking terrified and the Hoff confused by Margaret Austin’s job as a lollipop lady.

David Hasselhoff

Inside Hoff’s Head

“I’m thinking about changing my name to McHoff”


Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec joke of the week

“I don’t think you’re that camp normally” Ant trying to comfort poor Dec during Les Gibson’s impression of him which was ever so slightly camp.


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