Flop BGT comic Elaine Williams came up with her jokes at the expense of the taxpayer!


It's bad enough that we had to endure ridiculously bad stand up comic Elaine Williams on Britain's Got Talent last weekend, but now it seems we even paid for her rubbish jokes! According to The Sun, Elaine Williams came up with her routine whilst attending £2,000 council-run lessons.

What's more, Elaine performed the exact same unfunny routine two-years ago to mark the end of her 12 month course... in stand up comedy.

One onlooker at the time told the newspaper: "We all used to laugh - not with her but at her.

"It was painful to watch her on telly."

Elaine unsurprisingly failed to make it through the auditions on Saturday night after telling the audience to "f**k off" after they booed her material.


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