Singing dogs and one-fingered press ups... Dean 'Midas' Maynard on the latest BGT

Les Gibson

So after last week’s introduction to the judges this episode was all talent… well, some talent. Week 2 started with Mickey Gooch, the man who claims he can do one finger push ups… but he failed to nail it (sorry) and it was a no. Fortunately however the show was on the up from here on in...

Next up were Grace and Ted, a granddad and granddaughter duo who during their pre audition introduction reminded me of an act from 2009, Two Grand.

That’s where the similarities ended.

92-year-old Ted had an infectious likeability and anyone who had previously made spitfires for a living is great by me. His granddaughter Grace was also a very good singer. Then came the quote of the night when Amanda asked if Ted was retired, Ted answered “I’m tired?” Priceless.

Before they started singing Ted said that he did not want to let Grace down… don’t worry Ted you did a great job. See you at the live shows.

Les Gibson was next up and he did a fantastic job of impersonating Ant & Dec and Ross Kemp. I think there is a lot more to come from Les and I think he will make the Final.

Pippa and Buddy

After a compilation of bad acts we met Pippa and Buddy, an unusual duo consisting of Pippa singing opera and Buddy howling along. I am a massive animal lover but I can’t help feeling if Pippa had auditioned on her own she would have had a much better chance. Pippa has a fantastic voice and some might says she is very attractive (not me, Mrs Midas!)


Razy impressed the judges but did not enthral me. We need something other than a dance act winning this year and I am hoping the public feel the same. Don’t get me wrong he was good but nothing for me will ever beat 2009 winners Diversity.

Last up on the list of definite semi finalists was Edward Reid who gave us the “Susan Boyle” moment of the night. Edward used the music from Snow Patrol’s Run and sang various nursery rhymes over the top of it. It was very good but the undertones of another act saying that he had copied them could ruin his chances of winning the show.

I also think the major problem for Edward is that the surprise element of his act has now gone. It will be interesting to see what he does next.

Finally, this is the last time I will mention Mr Cowell, but I do think the show is lacking his personality and attitude and I think he is a big miss.

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