The X Factor music: Our top five favourite singles from X Factor stars

Olly Murs Ice Cream

Over the years there have been hundreds of songs released by stars of The X Factor, a handful have had some success and a few are actually quite good. One or two could be described as 'AMAZING' or even 'EXCELLENT'. Here are the X Factor singles we reckon are great...

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Olly Murs - Thinking Of Me

Olly Murs
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We risk the wrath of PopJustice by admitting his, but we have a real soft spot for The X Factor 2009 runner up Olly Murs. His first single Please Don't Let Me Go, didn't make much of an impression on us but did very well - hitting the top spot last summer. However we really loved his follow up, Thinking of Me. The lyrics aren't great, in fact they're cheap, cheesy and arguably unforgivable. There are however at least a couple of good things to this track.

#1 Olly Murs in an Ice Cream van

Olly Murs Ice Cream

#2 His shout out to Cheryl during the performance on The X Factor last year

#3 The video. Here it is:


Alexandra Burke - Start Without You

Alexandra Burke Overcome
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If we're honest we actually love every single Alex has released, from her debut Bad Boys, a hot R&B light anthem, to the glorious ballad The Silence which was released last autumn. Actually all of the tracks on Alex's debut album 'Overcome' are quite good. Start Without You, featuring the vocals of Laza Morgan (We've not a clue either) is a stand out and our personal favourite. Perhaps its the current sunny weather or the wonderful chorus ("Oh, here I go, drip-drop it way down low"), but this track is, for us, simply pop goodness. And we're sure we're not the only one who can't help but obey as Alex tells us to "get on the dance floor"

Unfortunately the music video for the song is pretty rubbish so instead here is a picture of Alex prompting some deodorant:

Alexandra Burke


Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

Leona Lewis Spirit
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Possibly The best debut single any winner from The X Factor has released to date. Bleeding Love became a worldwide hit in 2007 and propelled Leona Lewis from London Pizza Hut waitress to global songstress, and it's very easy to see why - the song allows Leona to show off her effortlessly powerful vocals in a emotionally charged performance. Accompanied by a strong percussion backing, the track is a great light ballad which appeals to the millions who voted for her on the show whilst the mix of pop and R&B keeps the song mainstream enough to stop it failing like so many past winners.



Leona Lewis - Forgive Me

Forgive Me is seemingly a quite underrated track from Leona's debut era, seeing the Hackney girl move away from the slower ballads into a much more upbeat and R&B influenced area of sound. Personally, we love this track for two reasons: #1, The dance-pop song is catchy as hell and #2, Leona's performance of the song during her arena tour.



Same Difference
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Same Difference - Photo Frame

We loved Same Difference on The X Factor in 2007 and were rooting for them in the final, if only because we couldn't really care less about the Welsh one and the Scottish one. Responsible for perhaps some of the most wacky performances on the show until Louis put through Wagner, Same Difference even managed to bag themselves a record deal. Some might say Cowell only signed the brother and sister because the talent on the show that year was less than passable, we however like to think Simon secretly has a lusting for pure pop.

Last year the pair released a new single 'Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)' after a short break and it was quite good. Here is the equally quite good video:

Unfortunately it reached only 100 in the charts. Oh well.

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