Everyone's favourite Brazilian for the upcoming second series of Celebrity Coach Trip

Wagner BongosDon't mind us as we take in the very exciting news that everybody's favourite Brazilian (No, Not Pele) is going to making their way across Europe on the upcoming series of Celebrity Coach Trip. We are of course talking about singer/songwriter, musical icon and international superstar Wagner! Yes, the bonkers Brazilian and most likely, his bongos will be travelling on the infamous Coach.

Reports have surfaced that the eccentric star of X Factor 2010 has turned down an offer to appear on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! so he can instead take part on Channel 4 reality/travel programme Celebrity Coach Trip! Wagner and another celebrity partner, who we don't know the identity of (please let it be Louis Walsh) will be travelling around Europe for 15 days alongside 6 other ''famous'' pairs.

It is understood that the popular bloke joined the trip in Rome, replacing a couple who were eliminated. According to the Daily Star, the ladies man started turning on his womenly charms straight away by serenading and chatting up all the local women. A source for the programme which often makes compelling viewing told the paper: ''We didn't expect anything less of him. He was the most recognised out of all the celebs on Coach Trip and the women were all over him like a rash.We're pretty sure he came away with numbers''

Also on the coach with Wagner as reported last month is TV presenter Michael Barrymore who earlier this week was reported as coming off a bit worse for wear after an incident with a horse during one of the activities thus continuing the ritual of tourists falling off horses following in the footsteps of Michelle in Coach Trip 3 and Elaina in Coach Trip 6. Other famous faces travelling with Wagner include ex-WAG Linzie Cundy, model Emma B and Big Brother 7 winner Brian Belo.