Reality TV psychic Dean 'Midas' Maynard gives his view on this year's BGT premiere

Tallulah Blue

Britain’s got talent 2011 is finally here… so did it start with a whimper or a bang and did we miss Simon Cowell? The first segment firmly focused on the new two new judges, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff and that’s when we were introduced to the charming Mary...

Mary didn’t get off to the best starts when she thought Amanda was Joanna Lumley and that Michael was Simon Cowell. Nice lady but it’s a no.

Part two gave us 9 year old comedian, David Knight; he was very confident and well rehearsed, a definite semi finalist.

I did enjoy the little feature with Michael McIntyre looking uncomfortable buzzing the acts off although I am sure he will soon get the hang of it. So as we headed onwards, we had only one potential final live shows act.

That was about to change.


Next up was dancing dogs Mega and Biba with their trainer Donelda Guy. The act was fantastic and another sure fire semi finalist. 53-year-old Steven Hall from Kendal gave us the first “this is going to be embarrassing” act BUT all three judges said yes after seeing him dance to a medley of tracks including everything from The Birdie Song to Eminem. I think he will make the semi final.

Then for the first time we met 19 year old Michael Collings, remember the name because you will be hearing a lot more from him in the coming weeks. Michael had that “Susan Boyle” look about him. Not dressed the best (a bright Orange hoody that Michael McIntyre and Amanda Holden commented on) and looked very uncomfortable.

He walked on with his guitar and the crowd immediately had a look of “This is going to be rubbish” on their faces. As soon as he started playing his guitar and singing Tracey Chapman’s Fast car I wrote on my notepad ‘possible winner’.

He is also a potential Midas act.

Gay and Alan finished the show with their bell ringing, which I must admit to liking.

Meanwhile in the any other business category we had a man who thought he was dolphin, a man whose eyes popped out and more dance troupes.

Act of the night for me was Michael Collings.

I am sure episode two will bring us more talent and more features so we can get use to the new judging line up. Did I miss Simon Cowell… I have to admit I did but the series has only just started so that may change in time.

Roll on episode two!

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