Were we the only ones who preferred Britain's Got Talent without Simon Cowell?

Britain's Got Talent 2011

Britain's Got Talent 2011 kicked off with a bang on ITV1 last night with the debut of a new look panel - gone were music mogul Simon Cowell and the talent lacking Piers Morgan, replaced by comedian Michael McIntyre and US star David Hasselhoff. Despite fears the show would miss Simon, we much preferred it!

For us Michael McIntyre managed to replace Cowell effortlessly but still bring his own personality to the show. His quick witted comments and hilarious feedback to the acts made a much more light-hearted show, making a nice change from the harsh if honest comments that Simon would usually give.

David Hasselhoff meanwhile was less inspiring; however having to replace Piers Morgan for us he didn't have to do much to seem like an improvement. Having sat on the America's Got Talent show for years, The Hoff clearly knew how to play the audience and worked well with the British crowd and acts.


Amanda Holden returned to the show as the only remaining judge from the previous series, and made sure the boys knew she'd be taking over Simon's role as head of the panel. Gone were the silly decisions often done only to annoy Cowell and instead we have some real critical (albeit still fairly limited) feedback on people's talents.

Amongst TellyMix readers however the reaction was mixed. On our Facebook page Michael McIntyre came out a clear winner from last night's show, with many of our fans quickly warming to the stand up. David Hasselhoff however seemed to be having a tough time convincing many viewers, coming last in our poll. On our website here and Simon Cowell still leads our 'Favourite Judge' vote with a whopping 46% of the four-way vote, suggesting the music mogul's return to the live shows can't come quickly enough for many.

We also received a lot of comments throughout the show and reactions to the new look panel varied massively. Sally told us: "Michael was great, I felt all three judges played well off of each other. Heck, the guys almost made Amanda bearable!"

Sean however was very critical of McIntyre’s jokes, comparing the Live At the Apollo comic to a "Butlins level performer".

What do you think of the new Britain's Got Talent panel? Post your thoughts in the comments, tweet us @TM_Talent or our Facebook page!

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