The judges don't know what to think of Steven Hall's wacky 'Thriller' audition!

Steven Hall

It takes quite something to leave the Britain's Got Talent 2011 judges speechless, and unfortunately it wasn't amazing talent during Stephen Hall's audition. 53-year-old Steven however certainly had the audience in stitches with his rather unique act which he showed off in his audition.

Chatting to Ant & Dec before going on stage to face the panel, Steven Hall said he was looking forward to finally performing after having practised twice a week for a whole year. With that much dedicate you might be expecting something magical - and you may be quite right...


Stephen's act involves him dancing and miming to a range of tracks, from Do You Love Me to Michael Jackson's Thriller. His routine also sees him take on the YMCA, What A Feeling and MC Hammer’s hit 'You Can’t Touch' all before finishing off with a bit of Riverdance.

After initially being absolutely taken aback by the surprise of the act, Amanda managed to admit: “Stephen, You’ve left me speechless! Thank you for the dance and the surprise. We all loved you!"

Meanwhile McIntyre adds: "You were born to dance. It was exhilarating and Liverpool loves you."

Check out Stephen Hall's audition on Saturday when Britain's Got Talent 2011 premieres on ITV1 at 8:20PM!

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