Another year on Britain's Got Talent, another 'new Susan Boyle' as Michael Collings wows judges

Michael Collins

It seems as though every year since Susan Boyle first appeared on the show there has been someone compared to her, and Britain's Got Talent 2011 is no different. Drowsing and unassuming, 19-year-old Michael Collins stuns the Britain's Got Talent judges and audience in his audition on Saturday.

"He looks like he’s going on a long haul flight," comments Amanda as the youngster walks out on stage dressed in a bright orange baggy hoody.

Michael McIntyre quips: "Yes, with Easyjet?"

However those laughs were quickly silenced as Michael sat down to play his guitar and belt out a note perfect rendition of Tracy Chapman’s 'Fast Car', leaving the judges speechless with his emotive and addictive voice. Sitting down after a long standing ovation, Amanda said: "You came out, an IT engineer dressed in your sherbet leisure wear and out pops a great voice that instantly connected with the audience. It was an instant moment."


Michael added: "I didn’t expect much from you Michael to be honest. You’ve got a really interesting quality to your voice and you really delivered."

The Hoff meanwhile commented: "That is the best reaction we have had all day. You sang well with heart, you put the song across and did a beautiful job."

Amanda later admits that the panel were wrong to judge the teenager on his appearance, saying: "It's a difficult thing, it's like the Susan Boyle thing, somebody walks on stage and you completely judge them as you see them and it's always a surprise and it's always a bad thing for us to do but it's human nature."

Britain's Got Talent 2011 returns on Saturday at 8:20PM on ITV1.

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