Could Donelda Guy and her dogs Mega and Biba be this year's Tina & Chandi?

Donelda Guy and Mega and Biba

Viewers will see Donelda Guy impress the Britain's Got Talent 2011 judges and the fourth judge during this year's auditions show, with a dancing dog act involving two lovable canines called Mega and Biba. Speaking to Ant & Dec before her audition, Donelda tells Ant & Dec she dances with dogs because they never disappoint, unlike humans!

Following the dancing audition, which left the audience and judges on their feet, Amanda commented: "Absolutely fantastic! Completely flawless, they made no mistakes. Well done!"


Meanwhile new judge Michael McIntyre added: "You have wonderful control over your dogs. Very stylish and very cool. I really like you Donelda!"

The Hoff was very impressed with the talent on display, raving: "You were elegant and fantastically rehearsed. It’s our best dog act yet."

And just like Tina & Chandi before her, this isn't the first taste of fame for Donelda and her dogs. She’s previous appear on a number of telly programs including CBBC, Harry Hill and the Paul O'Grady Show.

If like us you love the sound of this act and can't wait until Saturday, check out a small taster below thanks to the wonders of YouTube!

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