Q & A: New Britain's Got Talent judge Michael McIntyre teases the new series!

Michael McIntyre

With Michael McIntyre's debut as Britain's Got Talent 2011 judge now less than a week away, the stand up comic has given a quick Q&A about what he is expecting from the show. Hinting at some of the more wacky auditions we can expect to see, the comedian also says he can't wait for Simon to return!

So first of all - how is Michael liking his new role on the show? "I’m loving [it]. I’ve watched every series of BGT and am a huge fan of the show," he says. "To be part of it has been surreal and amazing.

"I’ve been performing stand-up comedy for 10 years, it’s what I love and will always do. I had no plans to do anything else, but BGT is like a national event so I leapt at the chance to be part of it."

McIntyre is joined by Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff on the new look panel - but how have the three been coping together? "I had met Amanda a couple of times before at showbiz events," he said, joking: "And I met David when he saved me from drowning on holiday in Gran Canaria.

"We had such a laugh during the auditions. I can honestly say it’s the most fun I’ve had at work."


So, what about the acts on this year's series? "Eccentric acts are what have made BGT wonderful over the years. Stavros Flatley were probably my favourite. This series has so many acts that were quirky and unexpected that the audience and judges loved and we weren’t even sure why.

"BGT is all about discovering real talent," the comedian continued, "It’s about those moments when an unknown person takes to the stage and changes their life in the space of a few minutes. There were several of those life-changing auditions and any of them could win. Witnessing those auditions at first hand was so wonderful, so powerful, so emotional and uplifting. They make the show what it is and I can’t wait to see them on TV."

But in his new role as Britain's Got Talent judge, Michael has to take the bad as well as the good. "There were acts that were so bad they were hilarious," he explained. "My favourite is probably these two tiny dogs who looked identical and both had to complete an assault course. One of them got everything right and the other one got everything wrong, I was crying with laughter."

With the auditions now all wrapped up for the judges it's time to look ahead for the live shows - which will see Simon Cowell come back - and Michael can't wait! "I’m so excited about Simon coming back. He will return for the live shows to not only judge the acts, but also to judge the judges, as only he can!

"I think Simon will be very impressed with the standard this year. The word is, it’s one of the strongest years so far."

Britain's Got Talent 2011 returns on ITV1 and ITV1 HD on Saturday April 16 at 8:20PM.

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