Q & A: Britain's Got Talent regular Amanda Holden gives the lowdown on the new show!

Amanda Holden

She's been on the Britain's Got Talent panel since the show started and now with Simon and Piers gone, Amanda Holden is top dog. Here the musical star chats about the new series and reveals all about how the auditions were with new judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff!

"I miss Simon and Piers but I’ve had a real laugh with Michael and the Hoff," Amanda says, "Michael and I immediately clicked. We’re on the same wavelength. He is still getting used to the fact that the audience is behind him and not in front of him. At first, he didn’t like pressing his buzzer as he didn’t want to get booed!

"He has me in stitches throughout the entire show. Hoff is in ‘Hoffland’. He is courageous in what he says and completely off the wall, but he’s been in showbiz a long time and has a lot to say. He does an excellent line in his own merchandise too! I have never met anyone whose merchandise is so readily available – ‘Don’t Hassel the Hoff’ t-shirts, ‘Hoff Off’ jeans, he has the works and wore something from his line almost every day of the auditions. In fact, I literally took the t-shirt off his back. It smells of Hoff... and it’s good!"

Having sat on the Britain's Got Talent for 4 years now, did Amanda have any tips for her new colleagues? "The Hoff doesn’t need any tips because he has experience with America’s Got Talent, but any regional accents, I was his translator," Amanda joked. "He didn’t understand what anyone was saying.

"With Michael, I kept telling him he didn’t need to worry about the audience booing him or disagreeing with him. He was there to give his opinion, and that’s just what he should do."


That's the judges - but what about the acts? How is the talent this year? "I think this year has been one of the best years for talent. There was one audition day we had in London and we all agreed, even the producers, that we had the best talent that we have had in five years."

Amanda continued: "There are some fantastic young singers this year. Some of them completely blew us away at the
auditions." And the worst acts? "The drag acts. I normally love all the colour and campness, but this year I didn’t see anyone who got
that act right."

It seems as though this year could be a good one for the magicians and illusionists however, with Amanda explaining: "People have obviously been listening to the criticism we’ve been giving to magicians over the years and we did have a few acts this year that were mercifully lycra and cheese free!"

With just over a month until the live shows, how excited is Amanda about the return of Simon Cowell? "I can’t wait to see Simon and I especially can’t wait to see his face when he sees some of the acts we’ve put through!"

The 40-year-old added: "I think he’ll take credit for the ones that are good and try and blame me and the boys for the rest!"

And finally, just what kind of act would Amanda like to see win Britain's Got Talent 2011? "The amount of young talent is extraordinary this year especially and I would put money on a child winning this year."

Britain's Got Talent 2011 returns on ITV1 and ITV1 HD on Saturday April 16 at 8:20PM.

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