"Give me a little break," says Cher Lloyd as she admits criticism "stresses" her out

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd has pleaded with fans of The X Factor to give her a "little break", saying that the criticism she receives has been making her "really stressed out". The 17-year-old, who finished fourth on last year's show, also today said she wanted to become an "edgy" popstar as she works on her first album.

Speaking to Wonderland magazine, Cher said: "I don't understand why. I'm still gonna carry on, I'm not going to change. I don't want to be perfect, I want to be edgy and even if I do things wrong, who cares?


"I'm not going to jail for it, hopefully. As long as I get my No.1, I'll be the happiest person alive, no matter how hard it's going to be for me."

Talking about the criticism and attacks against her character in the press, Cher confessed: "I'm just a normal 17-year-old girl and I do have major feelings. Sometimes stuff people say really affects me, whether it's about the way I look or the way that I'm acting. It can get me really stressed out. And it's like, give me a little break."

Cher added: "A week of somebody being nice to me would be lovely."

Lloyd's debut album is currently slated for release on August 22.

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