Cheryl Cole set to become the highest paid woman on British telly

Cheryl Cole

With reports that The X Factor's Cheryl Cole is set to have her pay doubled for the 2011 series of the show, the Girls Aloud star looking ready to become the UK's highest paid female Brit on the telly. With that in mind we take a look over some of the other top earning British female telly favourites...

When it comes to top earners in telly women still lag quite far behind their male counterparts, nut with youngsters like Cheryl now raking in multi-million pound deals, the path looks set for more female telly stars to make it big. Looking back on some of the former biggest female earners on TV however, the results may be surprising...

Cilla Black

Cilla Black reportedly amassed a fortune of nearly £12 million during her stint as TV's favourite cupid on Blind Date, which finally stopped airing in 2003 after close to 20 years on the box. Cilla earned 'a lorra lorra' money for her presenting talents, with a contract said to be worth up to £1.75m-a-year at the shows peak. The 67-year-old is now all but out of the showbiz eye, however does pop up every now and then for a cameo!

Sharon Osbourne

Fiery red-haired judge Sharon Osbourne makes as much as £6 million a year thanks to her various telly contracts. Having sat on The X Factor panel since the first series until quitting in 2007, the 58-year-old then moved onto America's Got Talent where she is still a judge since joining during Season 2.

Sharon Osbourne

The South London born star also makes money thanks to her fly on the wall reality series The Osbournes, which follows the lives of her and husband Ozzy.


Carol Vorderman

Countdown never really was a huge programme, it certainly wasn't any The X Factor or Britain's Got Talent, but that didn't stop quiz show Queen Carol Vorderman from banking her millions. The 50-year-old presenter was reportedly receiving checks for £1 million-a-year when she was on the programme; however in July 2008 it all came to end after 26 years on Channel 4. With the show losing ratings and the channel in financial difficulty, Carol stepped down from her role after refusing to take a 90% pay cut in her fee. Despite the loss of her main presenting role however Carol has still managed to pick up some lucrative deals, including a £500,000 contract with First Plus.

Anne Robinson

The Weakest Link host Anne Robinson is another telly presenter who has been slowly building a handsome fortune over the years. Anne has fronted the UK game show for more than 10 years now, recording over 1,500 episodes of the show since its start way back in 2000. Her deal with the BBC, thought to be worth £6 million, is only part of the picture however - with Anne also getting paid for one-off specials, spin-offs and merchandising of the programme.

Anne Robinsion

It's not just game shows that the Queen of Mean has control over though, Robinson returned in 2009 to present the latest series of Watchdog after originally hosting the show between 1993-2001. Together with other shows such as Outtake TV and Test The National, Anne has become one Britain's best paid female stars with an estimated fortune of over £40 million.

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