Britain's Got Talent 2010 - A year on, where are they now?

Britain's Got Talent

With the return of Britain's Got Talent just weeks away now, we turn our attention back to Britain's Got Talent 2010 and ask: Where are they now? Having battled it through multiple auditions and two live shows, what are last year's top acts up to today a year on from their time on the show...

For some the show has brought fame for some, fortunate for ones and for one lucky pair - plenty of attention from the girls! So let's start off...

Paul Burling

Comedian and impressionist Paul Burling impressed the judging panel with his original audition during last year’s show, easily sailing through to the live finals. The wacky comic, inspired by Harry Hill, topped the public vote to win his Semi-Final and make it through to the grand final, where he eventually finished in fifth place.

Despite the perhaps disappointing result, Paul Burling has gone on to have one of the more successful careers of last year's finalists. The 30-year-old recorded a pilot ITV1 show called 'It's Paul Burling' last autumn which aired at Christmas to a healthy audience of 3.7 million viewers, receiving a second primetime showing on New Year’s Eve. Despite the success of the show however, there's as yet been no mention of any further episodes.

Paul Burling

The comic has also been cashing in on the App-craze, releasing top selling iPhone and iPad apps such as "Burlings Voice Booth" which allow users to mess around with his impressions! Download the App from Apple's AppStore now!

Tina and Chandi

There have been many dog acts on Britain's Got Talent over the years, but none have been quite as successful as Tina and Chandi from last year's show. The amazing dancing dog act received a whopping 58% of the vote in the semi-finals, setting them up well for the grand final. The duo eventually finished fourth on last year's show.


Since the program ended Tina has continued to work with Chandi on the act, appearing on a number of shows including BBC's Blue Peter and Breakfast as well as ITV1's Day Break. Dog trainer Tina also released a top selling DVD - Tina and Chandi – Teach Your Dog New Tricks - last year to help teach other dog owners how to train their pets. Buy the DVD now on Amazon!

Kieran Gaffney

Kieran Gaffney first auditioned for the show with his amazing drumming skills in 2009, but after making it past the judges, failed to make it through to the live shows. Undeterred, Kieran returned to the show last year with his parents as part of his act, although this time the judges weren't so keen. However after a second audition on his own, Kieran went on to make it through the semi-finals and eventually finish the show in third place.

Since the end of the program last summer, Kieran has been making the most of his brilliant talents by taking part in a number of well paying gigs, including entertaining corporate clients and sponsors of the 2012 Olympics! The drummer has also been putting his skills to good use for charity, taking part in the Childline 2010 ball and the Sense 2011 Drumathon, check out a video from the former event below...

Despite the reasonable success however, it seems as though Kieran isn't set on playing the drums all of his life and is looking for a change. The youngster this year auditioned for The X Factor, but how far will he get?

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