Good morning! Here is a story about Mary Byrne's lesbian fling to start your day

Mary Byrne

It seems as though Mary Byrne is using all the usual popstar tactics to flog her debut album Mine & Yours, today playing the 'sex card'. The 51-year-old Irish singer told new! magazine this week ahead of the launch of her album all about her lesbian fling when she was in her 20s...

Last year's semi-finalist Mary told the glossy mag: "In my 20s I had a relationship with a woman and she came out of the woodwork to say, ‘I know Mary Byrne, she’s a lesbian’. Which was totally not true."

The former Tesco checkout worker insisted she was still firmly back on solids, adding: “It was just a one-off thing. I’d come out of a bad relationship with a man and someone was there.”

Mary also revealed she even tried it on with Simon Cowell on last year's show, but the music mogul seemed more interested in himself! “One day I said, ‘you know what, Simon? You’re gorgeous’," Mary explained, "He said, ‘I know. Thank you’.”

And in yet another bit of gossip Mary confessed she was offered a free gastric band op whilst on the programme: "I was offered a gastric band for free but I turned it down. I don’t want to be skinny."

Read more if you really want to in this week’s new! magazine.