Will Mellor returns to BBC Three in fantastic new comedy 'White Van Man'

White Van Man

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure exactly what Will Mellor has been up to since Two Pints left our screens back in 2009, however his new comedy more than makes up for his time off. Was I the only one that immediately fell in love with 'White Van Man' when it premiered on BBC Three this Tuesday?

Mellor plays Ollie, a hapless but lovable son trying to take over his dad's handy man business. The premise is simple enough: Ollie and his less than helpful assistant Darren (played by Joel Fry) take on simple DIY tasks across the town in their trusty white ford transit, finding themselves in all sorts of mischief as they go from job to job.

The first episode sees Ollie start his first day on the job, prodded along by his ailing father Tony (Clive Mantle). Ollie and Darren's first task of the day gets off to a rough task, being chucked out of the house - and the day only went downhill from there. In his next visit, Ollie finds himself having to pay off light-fingered thief Ricky, as well as dealing with the shenanigans of the local parking attendant.

The show does have a bit more depth than just a handy many in wacky situations however, as becomes apparent when Ollie meets his old school crush Emma (Georgia Moffett). Unfortunately for Ollie however she seems more interested in running her new business than in him, but meanwhile Darren's sister Liz (Naomi Bentley) takes a fancy to the town's new DIY man.

Popping up in later episodes is none other than Gavin & Stacey's Joanna Page, adding her lovely welsh tones to the show as Daren's online love interest. Psychoville's Debbie Chazen and Hotel Babylon's Dexter Fletcher also guest star in this first series of six episodes.


The lack of a studio audience and an enhanced laughter track compared to similar shows like Two Pints improve the programme no end, while everyday situations such as dealing with council jobsworths are parodied to perfection. The humour is often crude and in your face, with lines such as "I hope you get dick cancer and die" making the final cut, none the less the array of characters gel wonderfully to deliver an easily enjoyable 30 minute show.

White Van Man, Tuesdays, 10:30PM on BBC Three

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