TellyMix went to The X Factor 2011 live tour and all you got was this blog post...

One Direction

... so you'd better read it! Thanks to the lovely folks over at The Sun's Buzz magazine, we managed to enjoy an exclusive leg of The X Factor 2011 tour yesterday at a packed O2 arena in central London, and this - in less than a few hundred words - is what we saw...

Special guest Peter Dickson introduced the show in the emphatic way that only The X Factor voiceover could carry off. Warming up the crowd with promises of One Direction - to deafening screams from the 14,000 fans - Dickinson also revealed some of the celebrities who were at today's show. From former WAG Danielle Lloyd to Celebrity Juice star Leigh Francis, it was only when Katie Price's name was mentioned that the array of cheers turned into a chorus of boos.

With the pleasantries over with it was down to the show, with The X Factor opening titles kicking things off before O Fortuna filled the arena to introduce the first act of the afternoon, fourth-placed Cher Lloyd. Opening the show is not easy and we're not sure any of this year's finalists could've carried it off as well as Cher did, effortlessly belting out her version of 'The Clapping Song' whilst carrying out a complex routine with a load of backing dancers.

Cher Lloyd

It was then Paijie's turn to take to the stage, who started what would become a very common trend throughout the evening - a mashup. His performance of I’m A Believer mixed with Outkast's Hey Ya! was confident, if easily forgettable. Talking of forgettable, Mary Bryne was next up and despite health problems easily filled the arena with her voice as she performed a note-perfect rendition of Take That's Could It Be Magic. Despite her talents though, stood still in the middle of the large stage with only squidly and diddley of Joe McElderry fame for company, her overall performance seemed lacklustre.


Fortunately Aiden Grimshaw was next to cheer us all or up... or not. It seemed as though the 20-year-old had been putting extra special effort into his menacing face for the tour, as he filled the arena with his take on James' Bond classic Diamonds Are Forever. Even in such a large setting though his performance was captivating, if at times a little unnerving.


Wagner was next up, becoming only the second act so far in our eyes that actually took advantage of performing at such a huge venue. With tight clothes and exposed flesh galore, Wagner was a picture of handsome - and his backing dancers weren't too bad looking either. The Brazilian got the crowd going with the second mashup of the afternoon, performing She Bangs together with Love Shack.

Next up and it was everyone's favourite X Factor loser Katie Wassiel, who lived up to her reputation as she dramatically entered the stage slumped on the ground via a trap door. Singing The Beatles' Help, Katie seemed cold and out of place on such a large stage, lacking the emotion to pull off the song.

Cher Lloyd

We were then treated to round two of Cher, who showed the other contestants how it was done by blasting out a powerful cover of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend. The concert really showed that this pint-sized princess had the vocals, dancing ability and stage presence to make it as a popstar.

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