Will.i.am 'furious with Cher Lloyd' over her digs at former mentor Cheryl Cole

Cher Lloyd

US and global superstar Will.i.am is said to be 'furious' with X Factor youngster Cher Lloyd after she complained about not hearing from her former mentor Cheryl Cole. According to The Sun, 17-year-old Cher was read the riot act by will, who is reportedly recording tracks for Cher's debut album due out this summer.

TellyMix reported Cher's rant against her former mentor last week, in which she moaned: "Cheryl hasn’t been in touch at all. She is more interested in becoming famous in the States. I’ve been left high and dry. I thought we were mates.”

Now a source has told The Sun: "Will called Cher to tell her that she has got too big for her boots.

"He has put a lot of money and effort into recording new tracks for her. He can't work with an immature baby and won't support her if she throws it back in people's faces."

Cher's debut album is due out in August.

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