"We need a show like The X Factor badly," says 2010 finalist Mary Byrne

Mary Byrne

The X Factor 2010 finalist Mary Byrne has said that the UK badly needs a show like The X Factor because of how hard it is to get into the music industry. The former Tesco worker, who is set to release her debut album Mine & Yours later this month, describe the show has a great opportunity for singers who have previously been knocked back.

Speaking to iVillage.co.uk from The X Factor 2011 live tour, Mary said: "We need a show like The X Factor badly because the industry is so hard to get into. There are people who wait for years and never get a chance - like myself. I know people knock it but in some cases it gives people a great opportunity to voice their talent."

Chatting about auditioning for the show last summer, the Irish singer revealed: "I said to myself, 'I'm coming to a certain age, I'm in a rut, I've been working at Tesco for 11 years. If I don't try it now it's never going to happen and I'll regret it for the rest of my life'."

Mary finished fifth on the show and has since signed a record deal with Simon Cowell's Syco record label. Her debut single 'I Just Call You Mine' is out now.

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