The X Factor 2008 winner Alexandra Burke's brother 'exposed as cocaine dealer'

Cheryl Cole and Alexandra Burke

There will certainly be some shocking and upsetting news for The X Factor 2008 winner Alexandra Burke this morning, following revelations that her brother has been exposed as a drug dealer. To make things worse, Alex's 18-year-old sibling Aaron Burke has been using her name and contacts to get clients, according to The Sun.

The newspaper caught the youngster on video trying to sell a 1.5gram parcel of the drug to an undercover reporter for £65. He boasted: "I can get the best stuff - as much as you want. I get it for celebrities I've met because of my sister."

Alex won the show more than two years and has since gone on to extreme success, with four number one singles, a number one platinum album and a sell out theatre tour. Her brother, on the other hand, has tried to audition for The X Factor twice and not even made it to face the judges.

Alex had no knowledge of her brother's activities, the newspaper states.

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