Cheryl Cole's left me "high and dry" snaps Cher Lloyd in rant against her former mentor

Cheryl Cole

17-year-old Cher Lloyd last night snapped in a foul rant against her former mentor on The X Factor, Cheryl Cole. Claiming that the Girls Aloud singer was more interested in fame in the states then how her acts were doing, Cher moaned she'd been left "high and dry" by The X Factor beauty.

According to the Daily Star, Cher raged: "Cheryl hasn’t been in touch at all. She is more interested in becoming famous in the States. I’ve been left high and dry. I thought we were mates.”

Cher made the comments to the newspaper after the current live tour finished in Manchester before moving back to London's huge O2 arena this weekend.

A spokesperson for the show was quick to downplay Cher's complaints however, commenting: "The judges do not continue to mentor the contestants after the show.

“They all have their own management teams who look after them.”

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