Oh no! Katie Waissel to release debut self-titled album on March 14

Katie Waissel

Everyone's favourite X Factor 2010 finalist Katie Waissel is to release her debut album on March 14, it has been revealed. The album is named rather simply 'Katie Waissel', perhaps in an effort to convince us for once and all that this is the real her, and will be released by Chamberlain Records on Monday.

Described as a "slick mix" of Jazz and Pop music, the album features 10 tracks including one featuring US singer-songwriter David Reed. What is perhaps more interesting however is that the album, which you can preview right now on Amazon, will be released by the label which Katie was said to have been brought out of in order to appear on The X Factor last year.

A source said: "Katie is supposed to have severed all ties with Chamberlain - but it's nonsense. She's still in contact with them and they're still releasing music by her.

"She might have hoped this would slip under the radar, but it's a bit foolish."

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