Gypsy X Factor 2011 hopeful 'inspired by Cher Lloyd'

Cher Lloyd

One of this year's X Factor hopefuls has praised last year's finalist Cher Lloyd for being an inspiration to "gypsy girls". Speaking at the auditions in London at the weekend, wannabe Olivia Ayres told the Daily Star that it was "strong and confident" Cher who had inspired herself to try out for the show.

"Cher is amazing and a real inspiration to us gypsy girls," Ayres told the tabloid. "She is strong and confident and determined to make something of her life.

She got a lot of abuse and was called a pikey for her heritage but she stood up to all the bullying and, if anything, was all the better for it.

"She shows we're not all stuck in caravans with nothing else to do."

Other hopeful acts at the O2 on Sunday included a hot five piece boy group called simply 'The Winners', who told us they aimed to be the first ever group to succeed on the show. "We're been singing together for nearly five years now and we've got more than enough to win the show," band member Kevin Richards said.

"This is our first time at The X Factor and we hope to become the first group to make it all the way."

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