Revealed: The top five most annoying telly ads on air right now Advert

Following the news earlier this week that GoCompare's singing Opera Star promo had been named as the most annoying telly ad of 2010, we asked our visitors what adverts were getting on their nerves right now. Read on for our viewer's top 5 most annoying television ads of the moment...

Everything from sexy girls in underwear to annoying jingles and frustrating celebrities feature in our top 5 so without any further ado, here's the ads that you said have been putting your backs up!

CSL use girls to sell sofas

This annoying Christmas ad for CSL Sofas got on your nerves for a few reasons, with one of the biggest complaints being the awful cover of Duran Duran's 'Girls On Film used in the 2 minute long clip. The other main reason this telly ad has been getting on people's wicks was the sheer lack of actual advertising - with the majority of the advert (promoting sofas, remember!) just featuring girls in their underwear! Although I'm sure there's a few blokes and even ladies who don't mind too much about that. celebrate 18 million strong

It seems the phenomenal success of US hit television show 'Glee' hasn't gone ignored by advertising directors, with late last year airing a Glee-inspired karaoke ad. Featuring a cover of one of the tracks performed in the show, 'Somebody To Love', the ad celebrates the car comparison's website reaching over 18 million users. Whilst no one found the singing as annoying as rival's GoCompare, this advert did seem to frustrate a number of you!


Jamie and Louise Redknapp's holiday has it.

Another irksome ad that kept coming up in your responses was Jamie and Louise Redknapp's Thomas Cook promotion, which originally aired at the start of 2010 but currently being broadcast again this January. The ad takes a spot on our list thanks a lot to the continuous use (and some will argue mispronunciation of) the word 'It'. The advert has drawn plenty of criticism from the press and experts alike, with even Louise herself admitting: "It’s an odd thing, but in all my years in showbusiness I’ve never had so much criticism since doing the ­holiday advert."

The ex-singer turned WAG added: "I’ve never had so much stick over anything I’ve done."


Envirophone offer Wonga for your phones

At first, Envirophone's advert for its "cash for old mobile phones" scheme may not be that annoying, however one line in the advert has had people moaning online - "the Wonga guy". Featured in a part of the clip which sees various people describe different words for money, the bloke who shouts "WONGA!" has received a bit of a cult following online. Walking in the footsteps of E-sure's 'Calm Down Dear' and Barry Scott's 'Cillit bang!', 'Wonga!' is quickly becoming a favourite ad strapline amongst video makers, as this remix shows...


Barbara Windsor's bingo joy

The final ad on our current top 5 is Barbara Windsor's ever so annoying Bingo promotion for the website 'Jackpot Joy'. The adverts, which began airing late last year following Windsor's exit from Eastenders, have seen numerous complaints about the music, the acting and the cheap feel of the promos. eGaming Review, an online gambling industry magazine, blasted the two clips saying: "The first is short and excruciatingly painful and unwatchable a second time, while the longer version is simply excruciating." Check out one of the adverts below to make up your own mind...


What telly ads are annoying you right now? Add your comments below!

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