Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Kavana ERUPTS at Keith Chegwin

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Kavana lets drink get the better of him in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 tonight.

Some of the Housemates are drinking in the kitchen when Kavana is called to the Diary Room. Before leaving, he downs a cup of alcohol and Keith mutters “oh dear”.

Kavana walks away and sarcastically shouts “F*ck off the lot of ya… Not you Keith, never you.”

In the Diary Room, Kavana tries to release a burp before describing the mood as “false as f**k”. He describes Keith as lovely man “a one trick pony” and says he’d be gutted if Calum leaves.

Meanwhile, In the kitchen, the Housemates continue to discuss Kavana and his drinking. Keith and Alicia agree that he can be rude when he’s drunk, but Katie Hopkins observes that he has a calming effect on arguments in the house.

Kavana then gets quite animated and questions “when is English public going to see that f**king Perez is playing a f**king game!”

Later, Kavana tries to apologise to Keith for his earlier outburst. Keith says that they’ll see if they’re still friends in the morning. Kavana then tells Keith that he’s not being real, adding “Don’t get me f**king started…you sit on the f**king fence everyday”, Nadia acts as peacemaker.

In the bedroom, Kavana remarks to Perez about Keith, “I’ve got a new enemy now, it’s not you, it’s him."

As Kavana speaks, Keith lies awake in bed and replies “I’m not your enemy” Kavana replies “Trust me you are, and you’ll see it tomorrow”.

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