Celeb Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag gushes about Spencer Pratt


Heidi Montag gushed about husband Spencer Pratt in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

After nearly mounting him in the bedroom earlier in the week, a hungover Heidi was much more quiet yesterday.

And in the kitchen, Heidi was revealing all about her relationship.

Despite some of the housemates convinced the pair are faking their romance, Heidi gushed about Spencer “He has the biggest heart. He’s the most loyal, loving, thoughtful, kind, generous, amazing person. No one like him."

The Hills star went on: "I feel like he’s from different universe and I love him more every second, every minute.

"I thank God for every second I have him. He’s just like my heart, my soul."

And beginning to over egg it a bit, Heidi continued: "I prayed for him from the time I was two years old. Every time I look at him my heart just melts."

She added to the other housemates, who listened on with surprising interest: "I love him so much. He is my everything.”

She got all upset and Spencer hugged her as the other housemates also wept.

Claire added, “And I thought I loved my husband a lot.”

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