What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Is Priya playing with passion?

NeighboursPrincipal Priya Kapoor begins to play with fire this week when Paul's pursuit of her grows deeper, will she really sacrifice everything for a secret fling and what would Ajay have to say if he found out? As the week goes on, she begins to take her frustrations out on daughter Rani!

Monday 22nd October

Priya is rattled after reading a negative article about her involvement in the vocational training debacle, and is disappointed when Ajay doesn’t give her the support she needs. However, she’s further frustrated when Paul goes in to bat for her, speaking on her behalf. Priya assures him she can handle herself, but when Paul reads this as flirting and reciprocates, she seizes the chance to express her awkwardness at receiving champagne from him. Realising she’s inadvertently revealed her feelings to Paul, Priya organises a dinner with Ajay to shake thoughts of him for good. However, when he's forced to cancel and she sees Paul struggling, she offers to deliver him some leftovers. While doing this, Priya lets her guard down and almost lets him kiss her; mortified that she came so close to temptation, she makes a decision to keep her distance, which only makes Paul more determined to start chasing her. With Jade away, Kyle’s unsure how he’ll handle Harley on his own but is relieved that for now he’s seemingly in control. However, his bubble is burst when he learns of Harley’s defiance at school; while he manages to fix the problem, he worries it’s not the end of it. Catching up with excited Jade on Skype, Kyle keeps his struggles to himself, not wanting to worry her.


Tuesday 23rd October

Guilt-ridden Priya dedicates her time to her husband but, unable to get Paul out of her head, soon puts herself back in his orbit. Faced with the reality of potentially engaging in an affair, Priya tries to backtrack - only to be left rattled when Paul warns it’s inevitable something will happen between them. Unsure how to deal with her mess, Priya’s hit with more concern when she catches Rani kissing Harley. Voicing her self-blame about her tryst with Paul, she hurts Rani’s feelings by blasting her. Seeing the effect on their daughter, Ajay can’t understand why she was so harsh. When he confronts her, Priya realises her anger’s actually directed at herself – Paul’s got under her skin. Meanwhile, after witnessing Priya's reaction to Rani's kiss with Harley, Callum realises what’s happened and feels betrayed by his friends. He considers giving up the fight but instead decides to imitate Harley’s look and attitude, and to make it clear to Rani he’s a genuine option. Is Callum setting himself up for a fall? Stoked to have the hottest dress for the uni ball, Tash is thrown when well-meaning Ed reveals a colourful suit to match. Unable to compromise this much, Tash decides she’ll have to give him a makeover - but he can’t know about it.


Wednesday 24th October

Vanessa continues supporting Rhys through his rehab, on the condition that he won’t get involved in any surgeries until he’s ready. However, when Jessica pulls him into an emergency situation, he goes along with it and manages to pull it off. While Rhys is confident this is a sign his hand’s improving, Vanessa is appalled by what he’s done. Frustrated that Vanessa can’t see this as a good thing, Rhys remains tight-lipped when he agrees to participate in assist Jessica with another surgery. Suspicious Vanessa busts him moments before the procedure and urges him to pull out before he risks making a mistake he’ll never live down. But when Rhys refuses, Vanessa decides to inform Jessica that he isn’t fully recovered. She’s trying to protect him, but will Rhys see it that way? When Rani doesn’t notice his attempts at playing the bad boy, Callum decides to toughen up his image by buying himself a pair of expensive shoes. Seeing that Rani's impressed, he figures he’s onto a good thing but remains deliberately evasive about how he managed to pay for them. Meanwhile, thrown by Callum's attempts to get Rani's attention, Harley tries to earn more money by taking on extra work at the yard. However, when Kyle refuses to give him an advance, Harley spots an opportunity to steal from Sonya’s Nursery and takes it, leaving Callum to take the fall.


Thursday 25th October

Rhys is forced to retake the tests on his hand. Furious that Vanessa has betrayed him, matters look bleak for their relationship - and his career too when the results come through. Harley confesses after Callum is blamed for stealing the nursery money. With Kyle threatening to send him home in disgrace, Jade and Callum plead his cause. When Jessica stops him from assisting on the surgery, Rhys suspects Vanessa has spoken to her and is furious not only at her betrayal but also when his hand has to be reassessed. Desperate to believe he’s healing, Rhys insists on taking the tests as soon as possible, only to be left devastated when he fails. His world falling apart, Rhys blames Vanessa for the end of his career, inadvertently pushing her straight into Lucas’s arms. Feeling guilty when Callum get blamed for stealing the money from the Nursery, Harley tries to return the cash without rousing any suspicion. But things don’t go according to plan, and when Callum’s still under fire, Harley comes clean, admitting to taking it. At his wit’s end, Kyle decides he has no other option but to send Harley home - only for Jade and Callum to persuade him to re-think his stand. Is giving Harley one more chance asking for trouble? Desperate to talk with Jade, Kyle is disappointed when he wakes her up in the middle of the night after he gets the time difference wrong. His exasperation is exacerbated when he misses a call from her because he’s dealing with Harley. But when they finally do catch each other, Kyle’s buoyed by Jade’s support, and it’s clear their connection is still strong.


Friday 26th October

Andrew reluctantly agrees to attend Paul’s civil case but is troubled to learn that, if Chris loses, his family will be forced to sell their house. Despite standing to lose his father’s good graces, Andrew sides with Chris and offers to testify he was responsible for the accident. Having destroyed the case, Andrew's fears are realised when Paul admits he’s no longer sure he can trust him. Although Lucas tries to reassure her that Rhys didn’t mean what he said, Vanessa remains unconvinced. After Lucas intervenes, Vanessa is pleasantly surprised when Rhys comes around to sort things out with her, but she soon finds herself with a difficult decision to make when it becomes clear he still values his career over her.


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