Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian thinks Julie will avoid eviction

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

It seems that Julian just can't bear the thought of saying anything negative to Celebrity Big Brother pal Julie.

Last night housemates were gathered by Big Brother for this week's final nomination results. Prince Lorenzo, Martin and Julie were told that they will face the public vote this week.

“Well that makes a change” Martin quipped as Julie muttered to Julian: “All ganged up on.”

Despite all the boos last week, Julian reassured Julie and responded: “I’ll say what you said to me, you’re going nowhere.”

Prince Lorenzo asked Julie how she was feeling and Julie replied “I’m okay. We’ve got to be.”

Meanwhile, in the smoking area The Situation admitted to Ashley he is happy that Harvey and Ashley will be joining him in the final.

Ashley confessed that is he “proud of himself.”

Back inside the house, Julie declared: “It’s not easy being a nana,” as Julian assured her that he will be there for her.

Julie speculated that it was “the gang” that nominated her and continued to add: “Is that how you treat your nana?”

Julian labeled Harvey, The Situation and Ashley as “the untouchables,” and claimed that they have done to Julie what they had done to Rhian and Danica.

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