Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The Situation and Danica are friends again!

Danica  & The Situation make up

Danica and The Situation made up in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday, following their huge row earlier in the week.

The US reality star told the model: “Friend or foe I am always going to like you. Whether you hate me or think I’m a jerk I’m always going to like you.

"There is something about you. You are the first British girl I have ever liked and that is special to me.”

Danica smiled and replied: “Deep down you no I’m not fake and to say that, it did upset me because you're the closest person to me in this house.”

The Situation added: “So what are we going to do? It could possibly be our last night,” Danica replies: “F*** knows.”

She assured him that he will not be leaving the house in tonight's eviction.

“I am glad we had this talk,” he said, adding: “People in this house, no matter what they think, we definitely had something in here for sure. You’ll look back and be like wow. Every time we look at each other we smile, and that is rare.

"I’ve been around the block and that is rare, you can’t fake that. We all want to believe in love, people want to put their hands up and put up their guard. People don’t give love a chance and when you put your guard down sometimes you get hurt.

"But there is that one time that you put it down and the other person is like this (he holds out his arms), and guess what, happy ever after.”

Listening intently, Danica agreed, and the pair embraced once more.

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