Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian hits out at Vernon Kay over sexting scandal!

Rhian Sugden (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Rhian Sugden has named and shamed Vernon Kay over the sexting scandal.

Rhian hit the headlines after it was revealed she had been texting the married TV presenter, and insisted he was was as much to blame as her.

“Vernon should have defended me in all this but he didn’t," Rhian told Prince Lorenzo in the house yesterday.

She explained: “He got drunk and sent inappropriate text messages to me. And I’m the one people would pour drinks on. I’m the one people would spit on.

“My career didn’t go anywhere. But his went up. I lost contracts and everything. I was just known as a sex-texter.”

And the Page 3 model added: “It was nothing bad. Just ‘Seen your tits on P3, looking good.'”

However Jasmine was once again spending the day bitching about her rival ahead of tonight's eviction.

With the pair both facing the chop, Jasmine bitched: “I don’t believe she is innocent. How can she say that nothing happened?”

A spokesman for Vernon Kay declined to comment.

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