Celebrity Big Brother UK: Rhian and Ashley row over his crush on her!

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Ashley's crush on fellow Celebrity Big Brother UK housemate Rhian ended with a row last night.

Olympic judo champ Ashley has made no secret of fancying the model, but his feelings seemed to cause problems for the group last night.

During a VIP party thrown as part of yesterday's talent task, Ashley confessed to having the hots for Rhian, which took hr by surprise.

It left her having to awkwardly explain she wasn't interested, which led to a tense argument between the pair.

Nominated housemate Rhian claimed that Ashley had called her "stupid" for not realising his feelings for her, and claimed that it could cause her to be evicted this week.

The pair locked horns with Rhian upset about the stupid remarks while Ashley got frustrated about Rhian telling pretty much everyone about his crush on her.

Jasmine was her usual honest self, telling Rhian she was acting like a "b***h" and needed to just let the argument go and feel complimented.

After a while it all calmed down, but Rhian was worried that she may have been giving misleading signals.

She told Coleen at the smoking area: "I've never really looked at him, I feel like I've led him on a little bit. I do really like him, but he's not... I've not come in here for that. That was awkward.

"I honestly see him as a little brother."

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