It's Lift Hoff! David Hasselhoff helps kick off Red or Black?

Ant and Dec (Red or Black)

ITV1’s new ambitious game show Red or Black? kicks off tomorrow evening and it starts with a bang, as Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff reaches new heights when he was launched 70 metres into the sky by X Factor judge Louis Walsh!

Strapped to a giant bungee cord which was suspended from a gigantic crane, the US star admitted he was nervous before his record breaking jump.

He told hosts Ant & Dec: “Happy is not the word, I'm ready…Come on Louis baby, I'm ready…Now, I'm getting nervous.”

But the fearless star proved he more than happy reaching dizzy heights, and joked: “Life is good... I can see my house from up here… hanging around baby, I'm just hanging around"

Positioned in front of Louis were six detonators – three red and three black. Louis had to plunge the detonators one at a time, alternating between red and black. Once the plunger is pushed, a connecting fuse wire ignites and makes its way towards the launch ramp.


Five of the detonators are duds meaning they will fizzle out and do nothing. But one detonator is live and the fuse will continue to burn until it reaches the launch ramp, sending the Hoff soaring 70 metres (230 feet) high into the sky. It’s the highest reverse bungee ever to take place in the UK. But the question is – is the live plunger red or black?

After firing the Hoff, Louis joked: “It was fun to get to fire The Hoff. It was the first time I’ve ever seen him lost for words! He was very scared, but fair play to him for having a go I wouldn’t do it. He flew up so high and was just hanging there, you wouldn’t catch me doing something like that, I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground!”

> In Pictures: Louis Walsh launches David Hasselhoff 200ft into the air for Red or Black?

Other location games played in Battersea include:

Jack In The Box
Sixty-four brightly-coloured Jack In The Boxes are set out on plinths. Some of them contain red jacks, and some contain black jacks. All of the contestants take a position by a plinth, and, on cue, everyone opens their boxes, causing the jacks to pop up.

Jack In The Box (Red or Black)

There is also a giant Jack In The Box. When all the contestants have released their jacks, the giant Jack In The Box is sprung open, to reveal the colour of its jack – but will it be Red or Black?

Drive Thru
Parked up at Battersea Power Station are 32 cars, 16 of them are red and 16 of them are black. All contestants must select a colour car and take their place behind the wheel. Once all cars are occupied the contestants turn the key but only one set of cars will start… will they be Red or Black?

Red or Black? Saturday 3rd September at 7pm and 9.15pm on ITV1

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco

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