Jedward being flung around by giant diggers? It can only be the launch of Red or Black!

Red or Black

Simon Cowell's new multimillion pound gameshow kicked off in Wembley yesterday and while the X Factor boss himself wasn't around, one leftover from the show was: Jedward. The pair made an appearance in the one show's bizarre games which saw them flung around Wembley's packed arena.

In the random game, called Twinball, the singing duo were put into huge hamster balls before being knocked around like pinballs in a lifesize pinbal machine by JCB diggers.


Potential contestants are asked to vote on the outcome of the random events based on two colours: Red or black.

Motorcross Limbo challenges the contestants to predict which of two motorcycle stuntman will be able to jump between the smallest gap.

In another game - called Overdrive - one car in red and one in black are driven with a stunt man on top. As the cars drive down a narrow lane, the stunt man must leap over barriers and avoid getting knocked off the roof!

A show insider told The Mirror: "This is a total departure from talent contests. It’s high-octane, dangerous and completely thrilling.”

Contestants who successfully manage to predict all of the outcomes of the games will go through to a live studio stage in September, when the show will air every day for one week.

Contestants who manage to predict every outcome correctly will take away a whopping £1 million prize.

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