Simon Cowell reveals all about his huge new game show 'Red or Black'

Simon Cowell

We've covered Simon Cowell's plans for a brand new game show a lot over the past few months but now we finally have (most of) the confirmed details! As we speculated, the show will be hosted by Ant and Dec and will run for 7 nights in a row over the summer. The prize? Well it's big...

The show will take place at London's Wembley Arena, which with a capacity of more than 10,000 will make it one of the world's biggest game shows, although we're not entirely sure the huge venue will be completely filled!

With so many contestant's at such a huge venue there's no surprise that the prize is also huge - a whopping £1 million - EVERY night! That's £7 million being given away throughout the week!


So just how will the show work? Surprisingly, perhaps, it's quite pretty simple. Contestants place bets on events with two outcomes - red or black. Get it right, they move onto the next round, get it wrong and its game over. The show will be tense but fast paced as thousands are whittled down to just a handful in the early rounds.

As the show draws to a close however the stakes grow ever higher as the hopefuls get ever closer to that million pound jackpot and the show moves into a live studio.

In the end, every night for our contestant, it all comes down to the spin of the Red or Black? wheel. As the lights dim, the finalists are reminded of every step they have taken to be there; we see them as just a face in the crowd at the Arena through each decision on location, to the challenges they have just played in the studio live in front of millions of viewers. Now as they walk towards the wheel the question is asked for the final time, Red or Black?...but do they feel lucky?

Red or Black

Speaking at the launch of the show in London earlier today, Simon Cowell teased a few other bits about his new programme - including "lots of celebrity involvement"!

He added: ”I am really excited about this show. We have worked on this idea for nearly seven years. The great news is we are giving seven people across the UK the chance to become a millionaire every single night”

Meanwhile hosts Ant and Dec commented: "We can’t wait to get started on Red or Black and to get the whole country involved, it’s guaranteed to be real edge of your seat stuff. Seven people could become millionaires in front of our eyes, purely by luck”

You can enter now at

Red or Black will be shown on ITV1 this summer.

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