Red or Black contestant nearly lost £500k jackpot over Vortex slip-up

Ant and Dec (Red or Black)Simon Cowell's big-money gameshow Red or Black? has suffered another embarrassment after contestant Chris Fryer almost lost his £500,000 prize.

Following accusations that the show glorifies gambling, a new end game has been introduced in which the player has to strategically fire a ball into a 'Vortex' with a hole in the bottom, flashing red or black at a constant rate.

The aim is for the player to use a combination of speed and timing to land the ball in the hole while it is displaying their chosen colour.

During last night's episode, viewers witnessed a tense moment in which Fryer - who had opted for black - was told he'd lost the jackpot, after the colour changed to red just as the ball reached the slot.

However, it was only after the show was taped that producers and adjudicators reviewed footage from a special camera and discovered that the ball in fact hit the bottom on black, just milliseconds before the change.

The 29-year-old broke down after Ant and Dec visited his home to tell him that he would recieve the £500,000 prize after all.

But the mistake proved costly for ITV, who had to fork out the money as extra - because they had already filmed the Geordie hosts stating that the money would roll over to £1million for the next edition.

Chris - whose wife Sarah gave birth to their first child just weeks before he took part -- said: "When I opened the door, Ant and Dec were standing there and I was so shocked to see them.

"I was so overwhelmed, I burst into tears. It was an emotional rollercoaster but I was so, so happy."

The technical planner also revealed that he ironically lost his job just a week after being delivered the good news.

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