Deal Or No Deal to return from its' summer break 2 weeks early on Monday 15th August at 4pm!

Noel and The Banker are currently on their holidays as C4 gameshow Deal Or No Deal takes its annual summer break however the show will soon be back on our screens as it returns 2 weeks earlier than planned on Monday 15th August at 4pm.

The gameshow starring Noel Edmonds as the host was supposed to be off air for 4 weeks whilst Hall Of Fame shows, repeats of the best Deal Or No Deal episodes are being aired in its place however earlier today, a rumour circulated that the show will return 2 weeks earlier than planned.

And after a promotional video for the seventh season of the C4 gameshow was posted  by the show's official Facebook group, the rumours were confirmed. The show will return on Monday the 15th August cutting the Hall Of Fame episodes short.

However, the shock decision will also mean that special themed episodes will be out of sync leading to Halloween episodes being aired two weeks before Halloween and so forth. In addition, the show's claims that the snap decision is due to ''high demand'' don't wash with some of you.

Speaking on the show's official fansite forum, forum member mallard2007 said: ''due to popular demand' I doubt that somehow as they wouldn't bring it back 2 weeks early, I suspect the HoF shows were getting such poor ratings that they had to do something.''

Meanwhile, KP's theory was much more pessimistic as he posted: ''I can't think of a way this sensibly resolves itself without the show being cancelled very soon indeed.Oh, hang on, two weeks of one-off episodes. As the whole point of this is to remove the repeats, are we going to get two weeks of hastily-taped "Christmas Star" type episodes? They can't cast those quickly enough, for a, I can't think of anything. We're going to get Hallowe'en in mid-October. Or the show to be cancelled by then. I'm going to make the prediction that will make the entire forum laugh at me if it's wrong, and state that I expect DoND to be gone before the year is out.''

hogwild94 was amongst the few who believed them saying: ''TBH, I wouldn't be surprised if it is due to popular demand. A lot of the comments on Facebook during the Hall of Fame shows just say that they already know what happens, so it's boring.''

And James1978 offered up a logical conclusion saying: ''I was thinking MAYBE so they could catch up continutity-wise (i.e. so Hallowe'en shows are aired in the correct week), then it's regular shows on Monday - Friday, then they show the last 10 planned HoF shows on the 10 Sundays, since it's 10 Sundays if my maths is right between 21st August and 23rd October inclusive, meaning they would be caught up just before the specials start. The only trouble with that is all the days they the shows were originally supposed to be on are completely out-of-syns (ie on Monday 22nd Aug Noel would go on about it being Sunday all the time).''

What do you think? Is there a reason behind it or was the show brought back due to popular demand alone? Here is the promo video:



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