Bigheads final is tonight! All about ITV's game show with Jason Manford

Bigheads on ITV

Jason Manford's wacky new game show on ITV called Bigheads concludes tonight.

Back tonight - Sunday, May 28 at 7PM on ITV - Bigheads will pit some of the worlds most recognisable faces head to head in this is a unique, fast paced and high-energy show.

Over the past five weeks, eight members of the public were transformed into the world’s most famous celebrities by donning giant heads.

The Bigheads competed against each other in a series of massive celebrity-inspired challenges in this new physical game show which frankly sounds totally ridiculous.

Bigheads on ITV
Bigheads on ITV

The celebrity Bigheads featured in the series range from politicians and celebrities through to historical figures and royalty.

They include the likes of Simon Cowell, Mo Farah, Adele, Benedict Cumberbatch and Victoria Beckham plus William Shakespeare, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Queen Victoria and Donald Trump.

The series will be formed of six episodes, filmed in front of live arena audience, ending with a grand final.

Tonight’s final will see the bigheads compete for money in riotous, big-scale physical games. But unlike any other gameshow, they’ll be wearing giant celebrity heads!

The 5 winning Bigheads from the previous episodes go head to head, battling it out to get past giant bouncers into exclusive nightclubs, collect the most champagne from a giant bottle of bubbly and escape the chasing paparazzi, in a bid to be crowned the Bigheads champion and have a chance of winning the top prize – a convertible car.

Jason Manford said: "I'm really looking forward to you all seeing Big Heads. It's the daftest show I've ever been involved in and I've done a lot of daft shows!

"It's the show where people in massive celebrity heads get hit in the face and fall over. If you don't like that you need to have a long hard look at yourself."

Joining Jason each week to commentate on proceedings will be TV personality Jenny Powell and Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE.

Bigheads on ITV
Bigheads on ITV

Jenny Powell said: "I'm so excited to be involved in a show like Bigheads for ITV. It's so different from anything I've done before and I'm delighted to be working with the hilarious Jason Manford and sporting legend Kriss Akabusi.

"Viewers can expect a lot of fun and high energy - it's a real treat for all the family."

Kriss Akabusi added: "I’m very excited to be involved with ITV’s new series Bigheads! It has everything one could want and more for evening family entertainment; drama, excitement, spectacular costumes and set, all this fused with real athletic endeavour."

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