ITV makes a splash with new Total Wipeout-style gameshow Cannonball

ITV Cannonball

ITV is bringing madcap water-based gameshows back to our screens with 'Cannonball', its own version of Total Wipeout.

Like Total Wipeout - an obstacle course known for its trademark Big Red Balls - Cannonball will send its players splashing in to pools of water in a series of crazy challenges.

They'll be competing against each on massive water slides, trying to hit moving targets and achieve the highest and longest jumps.

ITV has ordered a ten-part series, including a Christmas special and a 'Splash Hits' highlights edition.

Filming will take place this Spring at a custom-built water park in Malta. Budding contestants can now apply to take part on the broadcaster's website.

Michael Kelpie, of production firm Potato, said: "Everybody loves a great waterpark when they’re on holiday.

"Cannonball is the game show version of the best waterpark in the world. At Potato, we love to make shows that we want to watch on telly. With Cannonball, we all want to have a go as well!"

Hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram, Total Wipeout ran for six series on BBC One from 2009.

Although it consistently pulled in around 4million viewers, bosses decided to axe the show in 2012.

Last year, the Beeb attempted to recapture the magic with Dermot O'Leary-fronted driving gameshow The Getaway Car.

However, it flopped in the ratings and was quietly canned after two series.

Meanwhile, ITV has had success with its own obstacle course show, Ninja Warrior UK, which recently completed its third run.

Cannonball is due to air on ITV later this year.

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